5table Finance

Smart, simple and stable.

Find the best, risk-adjusted yield with 5table.Finance to make sure you don’t get rekt. Access innovative crypto markets, set it, and earn.

What is 5table Finance?
5table Finance is an advanced multichain, decentralized protocol that will allow you to find the best investment opportunities for your stable coins in order to protect your invested capital, obtaining the best profitability that the market can offer, in a safe and sustainable platform.

We understand DeFi needs.

The concept of 5table Finance stems from the need we observe from many investors who seek that part of their capital does not run the risk of market volatility that DeFi offers. These investors mainly seek security of their capital, simplicity in investment, flexibility to manage funds, and the highest possible returns.
We observed that in most cases, platforms where these investors can invest their stablecoins can not meet all of these requirements, since access is not so simple or the returns offered are very low compared to other platforms.
It is from this situation that together with an excellent team of professionals with years of experience in finance and asset management, and a unique development team, we created 5table finance so that these investors can access a secure platform, which finds the best investment strategies across the entire DeFi ecosystem and allow them to maximize profits from their stables

Hands-off Yield Farming

Just deposit, and earn the same yield no matter what tokens you use. 5table.Finance makes all the moves for you.

Diversified Portfolio

Diversification is the most important tool for reducing risk.
5table.Finance supports deposits from all major stablecoins. The platform uses your deposits to farm yield with a diversified portfolio optimized to reduce risk

We put together the strategies to make it simpler.

5table protocol uses efficient and innovative strategies that provide the highest APYs on all the market for your stablecoins. In an extremely easy way, users will be able to stake stable coins and earn the highest profits across all the crypto landscape.
But that’s not all, users can earn the rewards in the same stablecoin that has staked and benefit from highly efficient auto-compounding rates. The most advanced strategies were built to optimize your returns with the best conditions.
  1. 1.
    Simplification: An intuitive and simple-to-use interface. One single deposit is all it takes for the platform to user diversify deposits into all the currently active strategies.
  2. 2.
    Security: Heavily audited from both financial and security standpoints.
  3. 3.
    Diversification: Diversifies into multiple active strategies and reduce risk in the case of a shortfall event of any individual strategy.
  4. 4.
    Hands-off yield farming: User makes one deposit, 5table.Finance handles the rest.

Always putting the focus on contract security.

Security is a top priority for all DeFi users, especially for low-risk profiles, that hold a big portion of their crypto assets in stablecoins. With solidity experts in the team, audited by Certik and assisted by DeFi Launch security team, 5table Finance protocol will have the highest security standards.
Regardless of the amount you have, the best place to leave your stablecoins will always be 5table finance.

User experience is essential.

Almost the total amount of stablecoins volume comes from the top 5 most used stablecoins in the crypto ecosystem. At 5table every user will be able to stake any of the most popular stablecoins and get the profits in the same stablecoin that was staked.
The platform will offer an amazing user experience. Top designers have done an extraordinary job creating a very user-friendly website, opening great opportunities for both beginners and advanced users.

5table makes it easy to go around.

5table finance has no minimum deposits, account freezes, or sign up restrictions. It is accessible to anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world.
The simplicity when investing. That's 5table
Investors mainly seek security of their capital, simplicity in investment, flexibility to manage funds, and the highest possible returns. Let's keep things 5table
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